Monday, June 29, 2009

Rudeness!!! Part Two... (Road User)

In part one, I've stated that the students nowadays become too rude, might cause by their family and community matter...

In this entry, I'm trying to list out the rudeness of the Malaysian people on the road, that can influence their offspring to be a rude person...

Situation 1: When the people with big car noticed (or unnoticed) that the motorcycle (small one) at his/her front, they simply pass through the bike and blocks the bike way... Its too rude!!! (If fall down, who want to responsible??)

Situation 2: When the people want to eat at the road side stall, they simply parks their car at the road side, even at the yellow line or at the narrow road side... This behavior blocked the roadway and make it jammed!!! This is far too rude!!!

Situation 3: When they want to turn left... They just turn without signal... Many accidents occurred at this situation... Rude!!!

Situation 4: When they want to pass through the other car, they change the lane without signal.. RUde!!!!

There are only a little of the rudeness of road user. This behavior teach their young the non-respective manners... And then, lead to the rudeness in school... Are this caption acceptable??


  1. argh~

    rudeness is every where...cant stand with it sometimes~

  2. they always think that they are smart enough.

    ... or smart ass?

  3. Zara: Let's shout in the water... haha... Yup, me too... Sumtime, the rudeness make me feel mad...

    Brian Kinney: haha... They not that smart... They simple minded... too simple and too selfish...

  4. most of them do. in fact, their mirror is their parent :)

  5. Brian: Yup... totally agree with you... Now, we need to overcome the rudeness...

  6. how?

    if they're smart ass, we really can't help it.

    it will end up a fight or argument :)

  7. Brian: Erm... Enforce law??? Or, sent them to others country...

  8. lol. do you think that is really impossible?

    but enforce law should be a good step

  9. erm.. Parking at the yellow line, Fine RM 5000... (acceptable??)

  10. LOL... If can discipline the people of Malaysia.. why not. But, I'm sure a lot of demonstrations will occurs...

  11. Now gov. is really taking of the matter taw... the introduction of the road safety lesson for yr.1,2,4 might be the "cure". it takes years to see the effect. ;p pray for good effect insha allah.

  12. BriAN:Yes.. Pro and cons...

    Asrul: Hehe, this is the solution for the new generation... But, for the real time?? The best lesson is the example...

    Yanie: salam kembali

  13. waitlar... busy with class... (curik2 komen)

  14. haha. busy eh?
    me too...

    laptop - downloading assignments and quiz also replying comments in blog.

    pc - calculate claim and some other task.

    book - studying.

    haha... man is very multitasking eh?

  15. Brian: Because we have the computer which has greatest HDD in the world, highest RAM and HIghest speed of processor... Which called the brain...


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