Saturday, June 13, 2009

The movies that I've Watched this summer...

Huhu.. Sound interesting... but, I just wanna share the title only haha...

At The Cinemas:
1) Angels ad Demons
2) Terminator Salvation
3) Jangan Pandang Belakang Congkak

1) Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO) Hokaido
2) The Young Jikembo of Kindaichi

At Laptop:
1) Eagle Eye
2) Night At The Museum 2 (Battle of the Smithsonian)
3) Cicak Man 2, Planet Hitam
4) Fast and Furious 4
5) X-Men Origin
6) Return to Oz
7) Budak Kelantan

I'm really want to write the summary, but... I've short time too.. So, I just listed here, you can check it on your own...


  1. cikgu,yg corrections 4 science paper 2...siapa dpt C kena wat 2 kali ke??kalau sye fotostat je ley x?

  2. Mana leh fotostat2... besok saya gtau cemaner...

  3. thumb up to angels and demons.
    great storyline and better than da vinci code :)

  4. Ya.... Two Thumbs Up!!!

    The conspiracies is unbelievable... Between the demon that is unpredictable... Till the last, he just 'kantoi' by the Head of Swiss Guard CCTV... ha ha ha (nearly cheated by Patrick)


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