Friday, July 4, 2014

I'm Always miss MGSS Melaka

Long time no new entry... I'm quite busy with school and life in here...

Limbang is the small town with non-hectic life in here. But, without hectic life, I'm gradually becoming lazy and lazy and lazy... huhu

But, I'm always miss MGSS.... Since 2008 until the very end of 2013, I'm always moved in and out of MGSS... Since my life as a replacement teacher, contracted teacher, practical teacher and KGSK teacher, MGSS always calling me to teach their student... haha

But, what make MGSS unique??

DSCN1546duaFirst of all, to be honest MGSS is the cozy and calm place for teachers and students. That's why many of problem teachers were trasnferred to MGSS (syhhhh don't tell everyone I'm talking writing like this). But, MGSS always accepted the problem teachers and gradually the teachers became healthy again. =)

secondly, as old and antique school (since 1904), MGSS has many historical buildings with esthetically value itself. MGSS has pre and post independent history that makes the school became the place of integration of all races in Tranquerah (Tengkera in modern day).

thirdly, MGSS has fascinating and professional administration teachers. The principal and the Vice-Principals (GPK-GPK) played the good role as the leaders of the school.

fourthly, MGSS has teachers with the same aspirations and easy to discuss. The job environment always being wonderful and joyful with the teachers that always shared their problems and their happiness with us, and very helpful to others... =)
Fifthly, and finally, of course the students... Students in MGSS always being respectful to others and towards teachers.... although I'd crisis and misunderstanding once with students, but the problems gradually solved (or being forgotten huhu :'(   ) All Girls student are the one with modesty and kind to each other in school environment, or even at outside of the school. The best about MGSS students are the integration that occurred in that school. No such thing like only one race in discussion. The inter-races and inter-religions relationship that existed in MGSS was so adorable...

MGSS is the half-government school. with the supportive admin, teachers, students, and also parents... I believed MGSS will becomes leader in integration and inspiration school (Sekolah Wawasan)


Saturday, March 29, 2014

SMK Limbang… Peaceful Place to Study


Hye, Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh and Very Good Day to everyone…

SMK Limbang… hmmm, Oldest Secondary School in Limbang… Back in History, this place contains a lot of unforgettable moment since in being corporated in 1962 (Before the Independence of Sarawak). SMK Limbang being the centre of war… Since the Limbang Coup De Tat held by Azahari’s armies, SMK Limbang also being the British Military Base for a while…

Situated nearby the Mas Hill, SMK Limbang scenery always wonderful.. sometimes, the thick fog surrounded the peak of Mass Hill make SMK Limbang looks cold even in the hot days (haha)…


The Picture above shows the Evangelical Church, situated at Mass Foot Hill…

Before 2004, SMK Limbang was the no.1 top performer school in Limbang district (what I’ve been told before)… but, after 2004… SMK Limbang was separated into two schools, SMK Limbang dan SMK Kubong. The top performer teachers and students were transferred into SMK Kubong (They always mentioned in haha) make SMK Limbang performance began to decrease…

It doesn’t matter, actually I don’t care about the past… We are here now and we promise to teach and educate these adolescence to become truly quality students… Like malay proverb, “Di mana Bumi Dipijak, di situ langit dijunjung”…

I thought… 70% of the teachers in SMK Limbang are young teachers… haha, might me younger than myself. Even my mentor also younger than me…. hahaha. This situations make the school much more interesting… The students might like the young teachers… hehehehe

Hmm.. not much to say, but for me… teaching in small town like this is the real challenge… because I never teach at the rural area before. This place really difficult to adapt at first. Until today, I can’t fully adapt with the students sosio-cultured. I hope I will manage to ease myself in here. Hehe… One good thing about this place is, the students in here are multiracial and multiethnic that live in peacefully and harmony, and also they respect teacher more than at my hometown (I guess)

Friday, March 28, 2014

New Place, New Hope

Second entry after I arrived at here… Limbang, Sarawak.

Assalamualaikum and very good day to everyone…

I’m quite nervous when I came here about two months ago… Because, I’m never arrived at East Malaysia before this and I don’t know what is Limbang socio-demoghraphic in here…

But, when I came here, a lot of Malaya Peninsular member already been in here… So, this is not too difficult to make friend and conversation in here… mostly came from Kelantan. But, as friendly person, it doesn’t matter at all, I can manage to communicate with the local person here and be myself comfortable with the local person. In Sha ALLAH…


*Picture: the arrivals of 2nd Kohort Teachers at Limbang Airport…

Limbang is the small town in North Sarawak and has approximately 50,000 residents. In here, there is a huge influence of Brunei peoples because Limbang situated in the middle of Brunei Country. Basically, Limbang town is quite busy, especially when the weekend because Limbang will receives a lot of Foreign Tourists that come from Brunei (haha)… But, after 10.00 p.m. The Limbang town will becomes silent and deserted, because the Brunei gate will close on 10.00 p.m.

As muslim, this is not difficult to live in Limbang because majority in Limbang Town are muslims, which are Kedayan and Malay (Brunei) races in here. The local peoples in Limbang also quite friendly and live in harmony without any races nor religions tense… Limbang also enriched with woods and trees, which make Limbang always fresh and cool…

Eventhough Limbang town was small, but all the basic infrastructure existed in Limbang town… From bank, restaurant (KFC, Marrybrown), post office, recreational park, swimming pool and not forget the tallest building in Limbang town, Limbang Plaza… hehehe

Not much I can say about Limbang… but thanks goodness Limbang goods still cheap and the Mackerel Fish in Can (Sardin Cap Ayam) price becomes low… RM 4.90 only… hehehe

Thank you for reading.. will see ya soon…

Thursday, March 27, 2014

New Post

Hye Everyone.. Greeting and Assalamualaikum...

For Your Information, this is my first entry in this 2014... hahaha..

Surely, I'm quite busy with teachi'ing matters... huhu, but, this is quite difficult to teach in other place, so far from my hometown...

For the record, this place situated approximately 2500 km away from my HOME!! huhu!!! I have to take a flight to come here... And, now I'm stucked in here...

This place was very famous with the coup de tat, leads by Azahari before Confrontation between Malaysia and Indonesia back in 1962...

This place also situated between Brunei and Temburong (Small Brunei)... So, in the other hand, I have to enter other country to get myself home... huweeee... it doesn't matter, I've got my red international passport yesterday...

This place was cozy and warm.. also far from the hustle and bustle of Malacca city...for a while, this place can make myself calm... but, it's also quite boring without any cinema in here...

This place is LIMBANG District, in North Sarawak... Hopefully, I'll always success teaching even in this place... because teaching is my way of life!! Huhu... (PPGB is too difficult!!! Huwaaaa!!!)

Friday, October 18, 2013

Soalan Spot Sains SPM 2013

Ni ramalan jer ok ramalan!! Belum tentu masuk g, tapi InsyaAllah soalan-soalan ni masyuk!!! heee

Tajuk Fokus Penting Sains SPM 2013
Kertas 2
Section A
1. Faktor yang mempengaruhi pertumbuhan bakteria - Kesan bahaya / penyakit
2. Alloi - kekerasan / struktur
3. Ciri-ciri bahan / logam dan bukan logam
4. Tekanan - Bernoulli / Momentum
Section B
1. Sistem Saraf / Proprioseptor
2. Pewarisan - Mekanisma pewarisan / mutasi / penyakit
3. Bahan radioaktif dan kegunaan
4. Sabun / alkohol
5. Gelombang radio / satelit
8. Warna cahaya / elektrolisis / Kaedah pemprosesan makanan / label