Sunday, June 28, 2009

Silly in me??

Someone just declare that she likes (or loves) me.... Adore me...
But, I can't accept her, because I DO NOT wanna fall in love again. Love always hurting me... Because I'm too loyal but I like the changes around me... I'm easy to get bored, so I just want to hang around with friend....

Being friend is easier than being lover (for me)... Since I can't accept any loves, and I open my heart to no one, I'm feel very high pressure to hear the rumors from everyone... Why the wrong news always become sensational news?? Gossips.... Make me really mad.

Before this, I'm in loved with someone... Its about 7 years ago. She is my first love (and last one)... I never found a girl like her (ever). She is the best for me. But, something that bother me were she is too caring and to worried about me. I don't like girl too worried about me.. Pressuring that I'm not free and feel like the people looked down on me....

I don't know why suddenly I'm ask for the clash... For sure that I'm feel bored....

Do you have any advise for me?? I need to slow down my anger for a while.........


  1. anger management is very important or else you'll end up with hypertension. lol.

    btw, how old are you to be exact? and why do you close all the doors? :)

  2. 25 only... too young eh?? If I've enough money, I'll ask my mom to pick for me...

  3. Yeah..dont close all the door for love coz each one of us is different..its not the same u can get when u get in love again..believe me..There is no meaning of love when we get in love smoothly..when the times comes you will facing a test..test to show how deep you love her..and she loves you...So bersabarlah...Allah tahu segala yang terbaik untuk diri kita..So berdoalah dan pohonlah padanya moga dibukakan pintu hati lagi utk mendamba sebuah cinta yg suci dan murni..Insyallah...

  4. Ad Rifza: Love need commitment that I can't give right now... I'm wondering how my parents married without falling in love first... Might be, love after marriage is deeper than before the marriage...

  5. pick for you? you sure you want to do this?

    i'm not sure i can do that to me :)
    in fact i have a lot of plans undone.

  6. Faisal Admar: huhu... I can accept the destiny... But, my mother scold me and urge me to find by my own... Hmm... maybe when I'm 27... I'll start to find lah... (Try to be Jiwang person haha)

  7. i don't find.

    too many other important things coming right in front of my face.

    i believe love is in the air.

    its just the matter of seeking for the best and reject the rest :)

  8. Faisal (name change?): yup, basically, I'm agree with you... The most important thing for me now is to improve my living status, and I put this mission at the first place...

    So, I'm working day and night until got sicked... Then, now... I've reduced my work... (and also my salary)...

  9. well dont close ur heart la...

    give urself chances to be loved or to love sum1...

  10. U should be glad dat there's someone care about you. There's some people want dat kind of attention because of their gf was bz with other things until they were less concern on their bf.
    You yrself have to show to yr gf dat nothing to be worried about. It's a human nature behavior for a woman to have dat kind of attitude. u hv to prove to them with honesty n loyalty dat u are worth to be trusted on.
    lead her on da right way to be concern. u hv to think positive on her actions. Once u think it negatively, u would tends to think dat her concern n care become a burden for you. Never give up, unless she make it as an excuse because of she has someone else dat she has keep it secretly from you.. Then u should juz run away n never look back eva.. huhu..



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