Saturday, June 27, 2009

The peak of today...

Revenge is Continue... More horror, more thriller... (eh??)


  1. Zara: Huh?? Megatron?? The Fallen?? I like Bum-ble-bee... when he turns to Ninja state...

    HUhu. difficult breathe there... full with peoples... I thought GSC@Dataran Pahlawan can fallen apart... (takotnyer)

  2. Dah tengok ke citer Trans.... ?

  3. har! this is better.
    i can't leave comment in some other post.

    i want to watch this but seem like i cannot grab the ticket as time never match my schedule yet.

    maybe next week, or next 2 weeks. hope still showing as i heard its hot!

  4. IxoR@: yup!! watch already... the gigantic number of people there to watch this movie... So far, I've rate 8.5/10 for this movie...

    Faisal Admar: haha... do the important work first... then, watch the movie without stress... I'm sure you'll never regret it... but, pay more time as the movie length 2 hours 30 minutes...

  5. 2hrs 30min? cool. longer is always better :D

  6. haha... I like them too... feel satisfied with the price we pay... The story: XIII The conspiracy has longer timeline... almost 3 hours, but the story nice... you can check it at DVD stores or Online stores because they doesn't released it in Malaysia's Cinema...

    Best story to reveal the weak USA...

  7. reveal usa weakness?
    in what sense?

  8. Faisal Admar:Not the transformers... Transformers movie shown the strong of US armor..

    XIII, The Conspiracy is started with the murdered of The President of USA, and the murderer escape without failed. But, the story shown the conspiracy behind this... The ending is unexpected...

    I suggest this movie for you, if you like the adventure movie like angel and demons


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