Friday, June 26, 2009

Rudeness!!! Part 1

Do you know how rude the students towards teacher nowadays?? Even I've become pesimmistic when the students talk to me, in a rude way... Most disappointing, the students are girls... and girls supposed to have a good manner and a good attitude.

The School's Open Day was held today. When I'm looking around, some students talk to their parents too rude (for me). So, I'm imagined that the students regardless bring along the unmanner behavior from home or from their community. Because, the people of Malaysia nowadays become too rude... Everyday we heard about crimes... raped, murdered, robbed...
And, the stuents also reacts to their family matter... try to escape from the problem and throw it to the teachers face...

Do you agree with my statement??? Give your opinion about this...


  1. well, hell yeah..

    u can even read it in my blog..sometimes I do hope that I can dig in, why they did like that~

  2. Erm... I hope the community will be more concern about their children...

  3. nak salahkan sape? Parents nowsaday kot... That's is how they upbring their chiildren. Manja terlebih, menangkan anak, anak always rite... Cikgu hanya sbg CIKGU jela. tegur lbh2 kena saman lak huhu so jd lah luncai terjun dgn labu2nya...biarkan... biarkan

  4. asrulleeban: biarkan... luncai terjun dengan labu-labunya.... Namun, sampai bila?? Kalau terus-terusan begini, apa yang akan berlaku pada modal insan generasi seterusnya??

  5. kalu ikut ati aku bebudak yg kughang ajar ni mau je dimusnahkan dgn kuasa transformers ko tuh kikiki tp x psl2 plak aku jd the most wanted sbb jd serial killer... then, sbg cikgu kita wat la apa yg mampu membentuk generasi yg mamtap. khairun ummah la gitu insha allah

  6. asrulleeban: Insya Allah... aku ajar sekolah bantuan modal @ sekolah omputeh lar... So, budak2 kat sini ramai yg pandai2... tapi attitude tak ramai yg cemerlang... So, nak wujudkan generasi Ulul Albab lar ni... Cemerlang akademik dan sahsiah...


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