Thursday, June 11, 2009

Happiness Holiday or miserable vacation??

Last two days, I'd went holiday to Kuala Lumpur. I've drive on my own... Departure on 12.30 p.m. and arrive at UPM Serdang, just to take lunch at 2.30 p.m

Then, I'm continuing the travels until I've arrived at my friend home, Amit at Kerinchi, Pantai Dalam KL at 4.00 p.m... Then, we call the Red Box Ria Sogo to book a room to perform live show (haha... live show???)... The operator said that all rooms are fully booked. Damn!!! I've feel down, and said "are there any vacant room, left by the booker?" The operator might took pity on me and said,"You might get the room if you walk-in at 5.30 p.m.... But, This is unpromised."

*Picture: Dataran Merdeka

So, my friend and I went to Sogo at 5. Arriving at 5.30 p.m. and rushing to the Red BOx site. I'm so lucky because there was a vacant room suite for 4 person. SO, we took the Happy Hour rate, RM16++ perhead, for two hours...

My picture at there is blurred... Here is my friend picture.

*Pic: Way to Putra Height

After that, we went to visit Tokai at Putra Height. We arrived at Putra height at 9.00 p.m., and like always, biz talk at Mamak Stall... Till 11 p.m.... After that, we go to the SUnway Pyramid, first time a there... And, first time I'm parking, the road to parking is from the highway to the third floor (I guest)... Dangerous meh... What are we doing at there at the late night?? No no no, not clubbing, but we just book the midnite movies at TGV... ANgels and Demons. Sound interesting... The movie is likely the Da Vinci Code movie and related to the Relationship between Christian religion and Science logic thinking... So, for muslim, please do not influence by the movie... (I've might write the synopsis later)...

pic: Inside the pyramid..........

What's next?? Oh no! There was 2.30 a.m... So, we just left there and go back home (my friend home)...

In the early morning, I've feel pain at my back. But, I thought it just the muscle cramp due to the long period drive... But, the pain is harder and harder... And harder. Until I've feel difficult to stand (ever)... Then, I've ask my friend, Amit to send me to the hospital. He took the car and sent me along to the PPUM (Malaya University Treatment Centre)... The road is quite jam!!! I just lied down and push the seat behind... When arrived, the hospital assistant brought me on the wheel chair, and the registration urge me to pay RM20.00 (huhu, sadness)... Then, I've waiting on the wheel chair with the hardest back pain ever in my life..I've beg for the quick services, but the nurses and medical assistants just smile and smile (make fun on me, I guest)

Then, my friend argue with the medical assistant and I'm been bought to see the doctor. What happen next?? The doctor give me TWO injections dose to reduce my pain (one through limph vein, one through blood vessel), until I've been asleep (but he pain is still there). The doctor inject the needle into my blood vessel, but it missed 3 times!!! both my hands have new holes (haha)... Then, I'm resting in the observation ward for app. 2 hours. Then, I've back to Amit home.

I want to go back to my home, but Amit's mother advise me to stay, because I'm too weak to drive. SO, I'm took another day to rest. hurm... How misery of my vacations... Accidentally, got sick and hospitalized... But, now... I'm feel better and I want to appreciate and thankful to Amit and his mother for their kindness to me when I'm sicked... Thanks. Tomorrow got the extra class with 3D... huhuhuhuhuhuhu...


  1. it might be because u are too tired. btw, u should take more calcium. hope u will get well soon.. :)

  2. Cikgu pun gi karaoke, eh?
    Woah. Angels & Demons. Yeah, Christian religion & science logic.

    I felt pity for you especially the back pain part.

  3. Honeydy Love: Thanks for the thought... But, the doctor suspected the stones at my kidney... (hope she was wrong)

    Amira Husnina:huhu, karaoke... Best place at Sogo (cheap) , but a few of new songs..
    Actually, I want to watch Transformer... but, it doesn't releases yet..

    (Thanks for the thought)


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