Thursday, June 25, 2009

GOD, Help Me...

Hot!!! Hot!!! Hot!!! My blood boiled!!!

just this evening, I'd brought into Intra venous urography (IVU) test at an Image and Radiology Department of Melaka Great Hospital. They said earlier about the side effect that may happen... Which are feel hot around the body, itchiness around the body, irritating eyes and etc. More extreme (with very low possibility): might cause temporary kidney failure, heart stop, high blood rythm, lungs and respiratory problem. I'm always 'tawakal' and hope nothing bad happen.

The test was started at 2.30 p.m. and the early X-ray is taken. After that, the special stain or dye is added into my blood vessel... And the stain was flowed inside my blood vessel direct to the kidney and urinary bladder (like doctor said)... after a minute, X-ray picture is taken and continous every 15 minutes, three time.

After that, I just walk away and forgot to take the M.C. My head spinning and my body was starting to feel hot... and hotter... and hotter.... After arrive to my house, my body feel very hot!!! I'd drink 4 glasses of water, but nothing happened... OMG!!! I'm pesimistic... I just lay down and watch DVD... Title: XIII The Conspiracy (Interesting movie but too long, just watching 2 and half hours but didn't finish yet, will continue soon)...

And tomorrow is the big day... MGSS Open Day!! Where the day that the parents meet the teachers about their daughter mid-year exam scores and rates. Hope the parents will accept whatever I tell (convince) them about their daughter. And, His warned me about her mother... I'll meet her face to face and hopefully, we can make a good conclusion about your science mark...

Well then, I wanna take a good rest now... See you all later.


  1. yes... now, the comment box is ok...

  2. happy friday zam!!

    thanks for dropping by to my page..keep in touch ya!!

  3. erm, it's over yesterday. Alhamdulillah.. Parents seme ok. Leh la accept yg ank2 they all bukan le pndai sgt. hehe...

    Hope u're in a good condition. Bnyk kan berehat....

  4. hehe... dah datang sekolah dah ni... Its ok, not all parents arrogant... And, she never see me this morning.. (I'm free)

  5. yeay!!

    at last..

    my school will be tomorrow..hell yeah, I want to see that "Chicken" girl's...=p

  6. haha.. ask her to bring along her chicken... boley masak rendang... slurpp!!


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