Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Why I like My School???

Short posting hehe...

I want to make a simple survey...

When I was a student, I'd feel the school is boring and always sicked. At that time, going to school it just to fight each other and always bringing problems to the hostel management... But, I'm hated the extreme action or vandalism in my school. School teach me the meaning of friendship (for fight and unite), social life and living by myself.... But, sometimes I'm hate to go to the school...

But, now, I'm missed that time too much... I'm hope, that time repeat again, but this is impossible.... I'm realized that during school time is the most wonderful time in my life... That's why I'm hesitating to become a teacher....

I'm not sure why I like my school so much... What about you??


  1. tak pernah pulak saya rindu sekolah, hehe. penat belajar, mcm² undang², duit takde.

  2. i miss college time. not school :)

  3. I hate school because they always choose those pretty babes who only knows how to talk and use their prettiness to charm teachers. They're not going to turn at ugly girl like me, even tho i can do hell lots better than them.

    But I do miss uni years where some ppl at least show me some respect and that's not the point now :). I learn that friendship is so precious when you're in a far far away land and thousand miles away from home...

  4. Kucingorengemok: haha... You never missed your school... might the disciplinary matter...

    Brian: Erm... which college?? Erm, me too, but for me, 5 years at the school really taught me the true face of everyone with different background...

    Witch: Whoa, you studied at the end of the earth?? Yup, same at my school, teachers always encouraged the prefects or the charming one... But, people like me just a bunches of nothing to them.... But, really fought in my school... torturing and ragging make me tough... That's why I'm survived till now...

  5. it depends which school u attended kan..

    normally those in boarding school will miss the much..

    me included

  6. saya suka sekolah saya~Gosh!

    i do love school..maybe because of the environment~ Cool~

  7. Zamz: yeah... magical moments... but, what make you like your school??

    Zara: Yes... your environment cool always hahaha

  8. saya suka pegi sekolah....sebab saya bleh jual nasi lemak....hehehe....

    saya kan tokey jual nasi lemak....hahhaha

  9. Yanie: wah... Increasing your income... hmm... brilliant!!!

  10. i was a bad boy when i was in secondary. so i hate that era :P

  11. Being bad at the school... is the lessons to be a true man today... :P

  12. haha... u can say that I studied at the end of earth... haha.

    Yep, while they're neglecting me, i fight silently and survived today, and maybe proudly looking down at those charming selected students... "hey, where are you today?" :p **Bad isn't it***

    survive and succesful more than them is the sweetest revenge... :p

  13. Witch: haha... yeah, the people that looking down at me becoming drop out...

  14. I don't really like schools. I don't like some of the teachers, even some of my friends and of course, I hate exams! I'm so glad I'm adult now and no longer need to go to school! Working life is definitely much better than school life, although can be more stressful!

    Btw, thanks for dropping by my blog : )

  15. Foongpc: hmm... You hate me lar??? huhu (sad)...

    sometimes, working life is more intersting than school... But, I missed my school (the old one) so much... Even with me as a drop out at the school earlier...

  16. yes yes agree agree. i'm a perfect man today haha!

    who doesn't loves me? you tell me :P

  17. Brian:Who??

    I want to continue the rudeness series... erm... erm... ok... I'll try

  18. tk de la rindu sgt time skolah mmg best de masalah..belajar n njoy je..

  19. Salam....
    xiiinam baru bangun....
    setelah berminggu-minggu tidur...

  20. Wahidah:Thanks for the visit... Btul3x... bukan takder masalah.. kurang berbanding masa keja dan berkuarga.

    Cklah: Thanks for the visit... lamanya tidur...

  21. Honeydy0704@gmail.comJuly 4, 2009 at 1:56 AM

    i miss my old times, when i was in primary school b4. For 5 years i've been involved in marching band.. it was so enjoyable at dat time. sometimes we have to escape from class for our band training, especially when we have functions such as Independence Day,Flora Fauna n lots more.

    I'm one of da committee in the school's prefect, so i make it as an excuse to escape da class. huhu...
    Previously, When i became a tutor as a part time job apart of my main job dat is as an accountant, i have experienced da most challenging part that most of the school's teachers hv went through. To control students from escaping da class. Then i've realized how my teachers felt when their students (including me.. huhu) gave a lots of excuses from not attending da class.
    But i do have my own method to control their attendance because of, i know their tricks.. huhu.. And it works.. It's complicated but yet it's fun and enjoyable.. so, for students out there,do respect and appreciate yr teachers..

    Have great weekend... :)

  22. Honeydy: huhu... So, you always run from class back there??

    I'm not the important person nor the prefects at the school.. But, what make me happy, I was the so-called permanent school representatives for Math and Science quiz, even I'm the dropout at PMR level... And, had to beg for Science class... I'd survive and prove myself not the lowest in science class...

    The most unforgettable memory, when I'm represented my school to the invention competition... haha, always run from class, but never done the project... Because the teacher not guided all of time...

    You too... have a great weekend


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