Tuesday, June 2, 2009

GHost!! Watch out!!

2 weeks ago, the manager of the SMK Munshi Abdullah was accidentally sicked, by work overload... So, from STPM, I when to Munshi Abdullah to help drive his car (because nobody there know how to drive). So, I sent his car to his house at Batu Berendam (about 25 km from my nest haha)...

There is 1.30a.m.... So, I managed to ride my bikes as fast as possible because tomorrow got a class (remember, I'm a teacher)... So fast so furious, until the last traffic light to my home (at Padang Temu). When the light turns to green, so I'd press the throttle hardly until the willie occured (accidentally... lalala). Then, with the full speed, I've seen the white and bad clothes besides the road and besides me. OMG!! The like-ghost things flied and vibrated in its own fashion. With the scary sweat (and nearly accident with the tree), I shout GOD ALMIGHTY!!! (In Arabic)... When I arrived to my home, rapidly I'm went to bed....

One week after the occurence, I've seen the title of the newspaper, "Pocong Berjaya Ditangkap" (The Mummy got arrested)... Slowly (and suspenly) I read the news... Cis!! The pocong recited in the news is the same location with the place that I'd found the ghost... The adolescent at that village hang the white clothes with the long string, at the night, they pull the string and the 'thing' move... Cis!! CIs!! Cis!!

And, the cops arrested the pocong (hahaha), after the young sexy girl got accident after seeing the 'thing'.... (pity her)

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