Sunday, July 5, 2009

Windows Live Writer. The Bestest Software For Blogger.

Hello everyone. After all, I've been excited with the new features brought by Microsoft and his team, for create the Windows Live features, the add on for Microsoft OS user.

You can download the Windows Live into your computer freely, and you must register at the Windows Live Features. This services, you can using the Microsoft email (hotmail) or you can using your own email. The Windows Live coming in the package of Windows Multimedia, which consisting Messenger (IM), Call, Family Safety, Photo Gallery, Movie Maker beta, toolbar and Writer. However, you can choose the programs you want to install. If you're the MSN or hotmail user, this step must be easy. You just simply using your present account. Click HERE for the essential Windows Live and Download. You can used all of the Windows Live Services with a single account!!!

Windows Live Writer (WLW) is used widely for the bloggers with wordpress domain.  This is WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) software. But, the WLW is compatible to all of the blog domain, including blogspot. After install, open the Windows Live Writer at your computer. Then, add blog account. Just follow their instructions and leave the rest at default. After finished add the blog, you must enter the correct Windows Live Id (when it ask so), because the pictures are upload to the Windows Live Page first. Try to post without picture or any add on materials (such as music nor video). If your post success, the setup is correct. Then, try to post pictures. If error message appears, you must adjust the setting. Open the tools tab>account>select your account>advance. Make sure the setup like this: 

Account edit

By the way, open you picasa directories in you google or blogger account. Log in HERE. Then, click the tab setting (on the top-right). Then, choose Privacy and Permission. Make sure the checkboxes at location are ticks. Try to post.. And Enjoy!!!

You can add on the extension HERE...

Read More about this here..!D85741BB5E0BE8AA!174.entry?wa=wsignin1.0&sa=756416482

The video is embedded from You Tube..

The good thing about WLW, it can save draft offline, and you can publish it when the internet is on. And also, the picture is uploaded after the publish button hit. So, It save the loading time.

Ok, try and have fun!!!


  1. Zara: hoho... yeah, introducing...

    dats why gambor boleh set besar besar dalam my blog..:p

  3. Owh... cheating loh... patutlah gambar melambak2...

  4. tak berani nak donload2...kang PC ting tong mcm 2 minggu lepas....hehhehe

  5. er. what's the different between this one and the normal one then?


  6. yANIE: huhu... If your PC break, I can handle it wif low price... haha

    Brian: The different?? Not so many different with dreamweaver... But, the interface is easy...

    Using WYSIWYG software, there are a lot of advantages... You can edit offline, and save the template offline... You can put the picture first, and then... Upload automatically with the publish button... you can add many plug in item in your post...

  7. oh. mind to give me the link to download?

    uploading video and picture will be easy right?

  8. Brian: Already given in the post... Check the second paragraph...

  9. ah. man how could i miss that. ok! :D

  10. Brian: okey dokey... so... how far?? Success using the software??

  11. hehe yep! but just mater the basic stuff. not yet the additional :)

  12. You can download ma.... Follow my instruction in this post... Make sure your Picasa and blog allow to upload picture and another media..

  13. Brian: No need to say like that lar... Aiyo!!!


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