Thursday, July 16, 2009

What your problems?????

Today, the last club meeting. My task is simple, create a song with the theme anti-crimes. The music, can copy the popular song.

But, why?? why you can't be sporting like me?? why the E and F class can make it and sing it in front of the others. But, why you from B and C class can't be sporting and just pretend to create, while you might didn't make it at all.

How you want to enter the public university with this behavior?? While university orientation more rigid than this. and, the commitment requires the open-minded and sporting behavioral.

I'm try to guide you, you never make things happening. damn with your high class behavior!!! This shown your selfishness!!!!


  1. You should use reverse psychology to then pal. It will never work if you just keep it beneath your heart and never speak out to them. If you do speak to them, do not raise your voice because that will show how unprofessional you are.

    What best to do is, you use reverse psychology and trust me it will work. Kids, no matter how smart they are, remember we are the one who create them by teaching.

    You know them better. Sometimes even better than their parent. So use that advantage.

  2. Brian: Thanks for the tips... And, surely... I'll try to speak to them... but, what to do?? Today is the last club meeting... After what happen, lets they think by their own... how high the sky is...

  3. seriously~

    those fellas thought they are totally grown up. wth?!

  4. Zara: After all, they just a selfish brat...

  5. they think they are "ayu" and x good to sing and dance in front of others... cit poodaah... kasi hentak sj @ buang dr bangunan...

  6. Gua nak ajak lu dtg mkn kenduri kat blog gua.Folo baca doa skali pun takpa..

  7. asrulleeban:

    erm... haha... kasi buang bangunan?? see me after that at the court...

    FdausAmad: sila... sila...

  8. selalunya budak2 yg kelas atas ni rasa benda tu cam ridiculous sikit..maybe they need more encouragement and more exposure..

    budak2 kelas bawah ni lebih selamba sikit..

    maybe need different approach

  9. [zamz]: tapi, dak2 ipta bley selamba badak plak?? pelik2 and kompius2...


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