Friday, July 24, 2009

Sorry Mrs. Principal.. I've Disagree With You this time.

Response to the previous post. I've assume that the progress of learning from the lure heart of teacher, the teacher must understand and get close to their children. that why, madam CKW can sustain teaching even she has been teaching for decades!!! and also Haji IJ.

Last Thursday, The Co-curriculum Appreciation Day. I've been assigned as the exhibition assistant at the New Hall. (just know they called the hall like that lar). And, had to clean up and rearrange the hall back after the exhibition finished. You know, there were only a little number of exhibitors, and that quite boring place (for me).

For sure, students enjoyed the exhibitions and the activities depending on the exhibitions. The times goes by, and the exhibition was finished. So, I'd started to clean up the hall (actually, the teachers just guide the students to clean up). Started with clean up the mess at the floor by sweeping.

"Help me!! Help me!! Help me to sweep the floor,"yelled me loudly with a sense of humor. But, the students in front of me just step away and laugh at me (like in the circus). Upset with them. damn!!! How dare them? But, I'd able to control my anger. At last, my nasyeed club's students help me to clean up. Luckily there were the closed students (to me) at that place. The continuous selfish behavior scared me about the future of our nation. 

The bad attitude just because they do not close to me, even though I've teaching them in class. The make me looked like a fool teacher that always beg for their help. Hey, Come on lar. What with that behavior?? I can do this by my own lar. (throw my upset here. haha)

Meanwhile, I've notice that the person which always help me to lift the books, help me to settled down my tasks are the person that getting into me. Even whole school acknowledge them as the notorious persons. But, who cares?? Because I've acknowledge them as the kind-hearted kids, which can be able to teach them with the additional values and good attitude (with my way) like plants them with the seed of patience, watering with the helpful manners, and fertilized them with spiritual quotient and logical good manners. Then, they didn't make any problem to the school (lately).




  1. dulu2 kat skolah cikgu kitorang selalu cakap..budak2 yg byk buat hal la yg selalunya akan ingat kat cikgu..budak2 yg baik ni tk ingat pun hehe

  2. erk~

    i like sin chan picture there...

    (try to avoid myself from start cursing of dictatorship etc)

  3. [zamz]: haha.. memang begitulah kisahnya...

    [zara]: Erk... you blame me??

  4. the New Hall is actually called as Dewan TCL (Tan Cheng Lock).
    I wonder why they don't call them as Dewan TCL instead of Dewan Baru.

  5. Mira> OIC... maybe the name is too long. Dewan Baru is shorter than Tan Cheng LOck hall....


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