Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Supervision Class.

Supervision class is the class the teacher needs to guide the students which are not have any lessons, due to no take the subject. My supervision class at the library. The lower form supervision basically used to guide the students which are not take neither Islamic Belief Study nor Chinese Language. During the supervision class. A group of student have a chit-chat with me.


S: Sir, have U ever being in love..

Me: U guess??

A: Hisy, what the question??

S: We have to open mind lar. that the way the developed-country like US do to improve their economy.

Me: Not so lar (Oooo, U worshipped US so much!!)

Mi: Sir.. SIr. Have U ever kissed a girl??

Me: No!!! Never, my religion inhibit this.

A: You ar. (point to Mi), Its so embarrassing..

Me: Yeah. Young girl supposed to study, not to think the seduction.

S: So, that why we cannot develop well!!

Me:... (Whatever)

C: Sir. U say that ar?? I saw the malay woman being kissed with a man at Portuguese Settlement.

Me: Ye ker?? I Thought Portuguese. Same ma. with malay's face.

C: No lar!!! Sir!!! She wore a 'tudung'. this is the sign of malay!!

Me: Oh. (blush face. embarrassing). Maybe the crazy one. (matilah answer like that).

The Bell ringing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whatever!!! The most important thing is. No longer PPSMI in 2012. What the heck?? This will improve the science and math result or not?? I thought the student nowadays become lazier.

Erm. still with Rudeness issue.. haha. I'll write about this after this entry.
Bonus. have fun eh.



  1. haha. ask them:

    "do you believe in sex before marriage?"

  2. Wah! So naughty your students! : )

  3. Brian: haha... Nutz!!!

    Foongpc: Student nowadays ar... tooo much to story

  4. you should to smart ass like them :P

  5. damn!

    smart ass just like my f**king students as well.

    "Cikgu dah kahwin?"

    "cikgu nak saya kenalkan dgn sapa2?"


  6. they need someone to guide them... they just uncertain about their narrow view/perspective. Good or bad just a small issue or matter 4 them...sempit lg kot berfikir. Of coz they have u, so play the role as cikgu mithali hehe relevan x? Show good example...

    btw, i like the bonus! ruins my eyes huhu ;p

  7. huhuhu..murid2 zaman skrang ne..advance serba serbi

  8. Zara: hahaha... If boys, it's normal... But, my students all girls...

    Asrul: Yeah... And they just 14!!!

    Wahidah: Yeah... Advanced... Make me scared teaching in girl school....

  9. Brian: Hmm... Maybe.. I'll try

  10. haha.

    so, the smart ass was a girl?

  11. haha... my primary 2 student also always ask nonsense question or tell some unnecessary things such as "teacher, I had a girlfriend already" .............. ok then... lols...

  12. Brian: Yup... Its scary...

    WItch: hahaha... Underage always like that lo??


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