Friday, July 10, 2009

Rudeness. Part 3. (Foul Languages and Voices Pitching)

Greeting all,

Nowadays, the government has launched the campaign to avoid the foul languages usage. But, everywhere and everyday, I'm heard about the foul languages usage.

Firstly, I'm always heard the word 'Bodoh' (Stupid). around the school. And extremely the foul languages used every moment. which the meaning of the words are terrible.


This behavior is so rude. Even the teacher is around, they didn't controlled their mouth. What enter from their mouth sometimes contained ex-rated elements. Make me upset and also feel embarrassing.

In Islamic belief, every single word enter from your mouth is a prayer. If everyday we say our friends with terrible quotions like stupid, bitch, p**is, f**k, your mother is *****. And, we actually pray for the bad for our friend. That's why we become too rude to explain..

My advice for Melakians, please change the words come out from your mouth.

And, the students always used 'high-pitch' voice to speak up with their friends or to the grown-up person. Please, low down your voices. Its too rude.. If you respect the others, the others will respect you too. And, vice versa. So, quit pro quo.. Ask yourself honestly to change the rudeness in you..22062009617

The Picture from Cklah blog. Hehe, credit to Cklah..


  1. ayat budak2 zaman skang.....kekadang wat kita sentap.....

  2. wahaha... hantu itu sangat takut??? lols.... it was funny... :p

  3. Yanie: Budak zaman sekarang (wah, macam lagu)... tension tul... maki kawan dier... saya kat sebelah... cheh..

    Witch: hahaha... itu murid cklah tuh haha... (copyright tu, kene letak kredit haha...)

  4. Well, to me vulgar only common to low class peoples. So act otherwise if you want to be listed out from that class :)

  5. aduhai~

    thats totally right. sometimes it sucks, sometimes don't know what actually happened to them..=(

  6. Brian: haha... Low class eh?? Commonly, Melakian (Melaka people) always using foul languages...

    Zara: I think, they might be influence by the aliens from Mars...

  7. well..that's the best word to said to someone if we're angry..if we said like b**** or f*** then they will be like damn angry at us back..stupid was like nothing..and high pitch was not a prob to me..because some of my friend was really am i..

  8. mz~ yana:
    erm... we should change our fate... Haha, pity... pity... U deaf??


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