Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Saltwater Crocodile at Melaka Beach??

 Live near the fishermen village make the rumors spread quickly. Tremendous saltwater crocodile often appeared at the river gate and the beach make them scared to catch fishes...

Saltwater crocodile is the pre-historic reptile, cute but very dangerous among the other crocodiles (or crocodile brand hehe). Even the saltwater crocodile is not the biggest crocodile in the world, it can be 3-5m long and the most agressive crocodile in the world.

Saltwater crocodile inhabitants at the wetland swamp near the beach. The current project at estuary of Duyong River destroyed many mangroves forest and turns the wetland into dryland (hehehe... land actually). The development of new wholesale market at the shore make the crocodiles lost their natural habitat, crawling at the nearest shore... make them appeared more often and make people scared...

Many reports heard from the fishermen villagers near Melaka beach. The fishermens that catched small prawns (geragau) that fringed in the water just astonished with teh appearances of the crocodiles, swum just beside them... No attacked was reported, but this situation make them scared.

The State Government must do something to solve this problem, build the crocodile artificial sanctuary near the beach and identify the crocodile spot to reduce the possibility of crocodiles attack. Hope this endangered dangerous species still can survives together with the development.

Saltwater crocodiles now started to immigrate from the river estuary to the upper part, including my village. Please watch our beloved children and don't let them play at the river bank...


  1. Haaaaaaaa??? Seyes lagi dasat dari segala brand crocodile??? Menakutkannnnn..

  2. Hahahaha.. Salam Dr, aduh tak pasan plak komen ni aritu... Slamat bercuti yer...


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