Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Pereskia bleo, The seven needles that cure cancer.

Now, back to nature.... hehe

Pereskia bleo is the amazing plants. Known as Seven Needles Plant (Jarum Tujuh Bilah), Pereskia bleo is beautiful and useful plants. Pereskia bleo is the leaf cactus that suitable to grow at Tropical Climate. This plant very popular as a vegetable in Malaysian Chinese food, especially the plant's fruits...

However, the plant leaf has a secondary metabolites that can cure breast cancer and another cancer... Futhermore, the plant leaf also acts as anti-cancer. It very useful to prevent cancer and also anti-aging agent. Two leaf a day, boils with two cups of water, and readily to drink.
However, this is just the traditional herbs preparation. You can try it and please refer to your doctor if any side-effect happen...

Pereskia bleo, the picture credit to

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