Friday, February 11, 2011

Idea for Blogger...

Greeting, hye bloggers out there... I have an idea to promote your writing and to make you more popular... More popular you are, more income you can get from advertisement site like Nuffnang, churp2, adbrote, adsense, and more...

First, i would like to introduce blogger to offline... With cooperation with publication company, bloggers in Malaysia can subscribe our website and have chance to make their blog publish as book. Bloggers can gain two main income,
1) Affiliate
2) royalty from book sale...

Then, in our site, blogger's entry is appeared in our buletin board (like forum or e-zine) with link to our blog, the most active blogger in our site, their entry or bulletin can appear on top... Please give me you opinions... If possible, the site will launch in a couple of months....


  1. utk yg nak naikkan traffik bole for me..

    i write sbb sya nk menulis..i don't mind if people tk long as i can read it..:)

    but if people bace n komen lg la i appreciate kan..:)

  2. Betul tu... tapi, kali ni kita nak dibayar banyak sebab menulis... ok tak??

  3. Setuju dengan Wai. I don't care if people read the stuff that I wrote, or ratings. Blog for me is like my diary. Only it's wide on the open.

    I appreciate comments and followers but I don't really count on that.

  4. tulislah selagi termampu menulis :)


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