Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Flash Flood at Melaka

Melaka now in rainy season... Last 4 days ago, the rain fell continuously and stop for a moment this morning. Butm the rain will fall again this evening (weather forecast)...

The average temperature in Melaka drops from 28*C to 23*C... Everyone at Melaka feels like in chiller or like at Cameron Highlands, especially when the wind blows strongly... Grrr!!!! so cold hehehe

At this situation, some part at Melaka State was flooded with flash flood. Last night I was at Taman Angkasa  Nuri, Taman Merdeka and watched the freaky place with water everywhere. The chaotic place make me forgot to take picture.. Sorry, it was 12.00 a.m. The road also fulfill with water, make me turn back to the main road of Taman Merdeka.

The flash flood that occured at Melaka was rarely happened, but it also dangerous to us!!! Flash flood at Melaka usually caused by the overflow of water at river. Taman Merdeka, Malim, Krubong, Cheng, Pengkalan Rama, Durian Daun and other place that situated with Melaka river always filled with flood. Same goes to Big Chinese drain at Ujong Pasir and Semabok, Pengkalan river at Alor Gajah, Chinchin river at Jasin and others that can't effort more rainwater and overflow...

The crocodile at Melaka Beach (not related to this story, hehehe... next story might be)
This season, a victim has been reported died at Jasin. For others, please take serious action about flood and don't play with flood water, because it dangerous and contain a lot of plague... Thanks.

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