Monday, August 2, 2010

New Blog Layout...


Now, I'd successfully change my blog layout into something more naturally...

Work with the nature make me feel happy and can improve the awareness to protect the earth...

Human being is the only god creator with analytical and logical minds. With this great gifted from god, we must be the PROTECTOR of the nature in order to be a grateful person.

With this awareness, I've change my layout, deeply into nature-look and more over, my blog will flood with Environment Issue, Awareness, Campaign and Education... But, I'll add something interesting in between these entry such as Movies view, Musics, General Issue and Human Behavior as well... hohoho

Hope I'll be able to update this blog every moment... thanks, best regards...


  1. wah more to nature la...kewll..:)

  2. hahaha... jadi orang alam (bukan orang utan yer haha)

  3. aummmm..hehe...ganas nih rimau rimau ni..hehe..but menarikk!..hehe

  4. uhuhu... bukan ganas jer... tapi, atas kesedaran ghimau skang ni hampir pupus


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