Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How to prevent global warming

Global warming is not the new issue. Global warming is the fenomena that increased the global wheather or temperature. Global warming causes by human being or others like eruptions, volcanic activities and forest fire. But, the man cause is from human. Global warming also shown that the world is near to the hereafter world (kiamat).
How to Slowdown or prevent the global warming? See Here
Here are some tips to reduces or slow the global warming:
1: Get educated about global warming.
2: Recycle more
3: Used compact fluorescent bulb
4: Fill the dishwasher
5: Used recycled Paper
6: Buy locally made and locally grown products
7: Count your carbon
8: Buy minimally packaged goods
9: Insulate.
10: Replace old appliances and reduce reliance on them.
11: Weather strip your home
12: Use a push mower and reduce the lawn.
13: Unplug unused electronics
14: Grow fast growing plants
15: Take public transportation
16: Ride a bicycle
17: Use your vehicle as a tool against global warming
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  1. Great tips to prevent global warming! : )

  2. huhu... Hope our mother earth not continouing become hotter


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