Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ficus deltoidea - Gift from God

As a Mega diversity country, Malaysia consists of very valuable herbs that can cure many diseases including cancer and viral disease like HIV AIDS...

FIcus deltoidea is my first choice. This plant grow widely at eastern Peninsular Malaysia like Pahang, Kelantan and Terengganu at the sandy forest. This plant can grows till 2 m long. This plant so special for me. Instead of having many useful active substances, this plant also help me to get my first degree... hohoho
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What make FIcus deldoidea so special?? You can search at google and you can found many information related to Ficus deltoidea.

Ficus deltoidea or Mas Cotek in commercial name, widely used as a traditional medicine by the elder shaman... This so-called flame plant (api-api) help moms to enhance the uterus lining after deliver a child. It can make the uterus become narrow faster.

Instead of using after delivered, Ficus deltoidea also used to cure many diseases. Through the research, it can cures terminal cancer, used as pain killer, anti-cancer and anti-aging.

Active substances in the leaves and fruits clinically approved to maintain health and anti-aging, especially those at the leaves part.

If we eat the leaves after we pluck them from tree, we may die!! So, be careful and don't too hesitate to used the plant to maintain your health. Be patient and follow my suggestion.

First, you must choose the dried leaves or dry it first under the sun. Ficus leaves have a strong latex that strong enough to clog your gut. Dried leaves don't have any strong latex and safely to used.

Ficus deltoidea has more than 80 subspecies in Malaysia!!! Identify it and choose 2 types of ficus. One with small leaves and other one with big leaves. Malay people said the small is male and the big one is female... (haha).. Take a small and a big dried leaves, soak it in 800 ml of water, in a pot. Then, heat it up until boil and leave it until the water becomes half from the initial volume...

Your anti-cancer solution is ready. Sieve it and serve it when it still warm...

If you have any problem relating to this, contact the herb practitioner or contact your doctor... The herb that we prepare traditionally did not contain any harmful chemical materials, but some plants contain steroids that can drive us into addicting or the side effect for a long time....


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