Friday, August 13, 2010

Bazar Ramadhan Challenge – One Day, One Bazar Ramadhan

Malaysian synonym with Bazar Ramadhan during this fasting month… Every year, many spots used as Bazar Ramadhan, gave Malaysian an identity during this festive… Huhu, The Bazar Ramadhan is the hawkers spot to sell food and drink according to the dinner or “berbuka” time. The food that we can found at Bazar Ramadhan are Nasi Beriyani, Kebab, Murtabak, Deserts, dumplings and etc.

DSC01639There are many Bazar Ramadhan opened in Melaka. As a challenge to myself, I want to go and buy food at different Bazar Ramadhan everyday…

On yesterday, I went to Bazar Ramadhan Taman Anika, Lorong Pandan… Many stuff and food sold there.. So, I bought Soy bean juice, Khatira juice, Kuih-kuih and rojak.

Today, I went to Bazar Ramadhan Pantai Klebang (Dataran Satu Malaysia), which situated approx. 3 km from my school… When I arrived at that place, I saw European tourists were buying the food at that place. Not only Muslim people go and buy food from there, I saw my chinese students also at there to buy food… For the second day, I bought Dragon Fruit juice, Chicken Mamosa, Prata bread (roti bohtgom) and other kuih-kuih…

ON tomorrow, I don’t plan it yet, but I thought, I want to visit the Bazar Ramadhan at Alor Gajah province… Hoho, how bout yours??? Have you ever went to Bazar Ramadhan??

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