Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Enhance yourself with Attitude!!!

Attitude?? Why this is important... When I thought about attitude, I'm always remember The Movie; The Karate Kid... huhu...

Why attitude become the hot topic in school, in public or in community... With the good attitude, we can enhance the relationship in the community and reduce crime... In Euro countries, they realized about attitude and modesty... Many of them have following attitude practice and EQ lesson, make the European have good attitude. Hence, the European country nowaday have lesser crime than other country in the world...

According to that statistic, Malaysian also must behave themself and avoid following the west culture, because the West country practising East culture in the modern days, make them modest than the East people...
What make me feel frustrated, the Malaysian nowadays like to create tense between racial and try to make chaotic between themself. They didn't want to tolerate with each other and always selfish.

As East Country, we are enriched with East Cuture, even the government also organise the "Budi Bahasa, Budaya Kita" campaign to educate a public about the importance of be modest and respecting each other. When all of the people in this country can respecting each other, I believe Malaysian become the Well-developed country with peacefull community that can work together to make this county stronger...

Hope, everybody can enhanced their attitude to be more tolerate, respectiveness, modesty and be grateful to become Malaysian....


  1. Yes attitude is everything!! Totally agree with you here : )

  2. attitude ne sgt penting tk kira dimana anda berada..

  3. Foongpc: welcum2, be the first... huhu... Attitude and focus (Karate Kids)

    Wahidah: yup... btul tuh


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