Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Most Endangered Species in Malaysia

Picture credit to: http://www.puguhills.com/
A glance about nature brought me deep to the rainforest at Mount Kinabalu, Sabah, lies a small and unique creature that very rarely to found. Some people belief that this kind of animal was extincted because researchers did not saw this animal for a long time...

What make this kind of animal unique the most??

Black Shrew is the smallest animal in their family. Its only 20 mm to 100 mm ( 2cm to 10 cm only!!!)... Check your ruler to identify it.  =) 2006 (if I'm not mintaken) was the last year that the researchers ever seen this species...

There are many people didn't know about this kind of species. If you ever see this animal of touch them, you can see that this animal just a thumb big!!!

What caused this species to be exctint?? The excessive logging at there destroyed their natural habitat and make them live without shelter. Their offspring cannot grow well and this situation basically can be the major factor of the animal extinction.

What can we do to prevent flora and fauna in our country continue to be extinct?? The answers lies in yourself... Let's preserve the nature...


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