Friday, August 28, 2009

Rudeness Part Four (First Impression)

Greeting... Rudeness sequel is continue with the new chapter, First Impression. I hope this is the positive entry for all of the readers...

First Impression is the beginning of good thought to another person or another kinds... Though the impression maybe wrong, but believe it. If you always had a good impression at a first glance, you will be more modest.

But, be careful of the good thought. For an example, the cobra show it stings towards you, do you want to make a good impression?? Nay!!! Never!!!

Lets go through the first impression. Please always have a good impression towards these entities:

1) Almighty God. Always believe that the faith and destiny is the best for us..

2) Parents. Parents always want their child become the useful person. Don't make a bad estimation to your parents, but. You can talk and discuss it carefully, do not make your parents upset.

3) Teachers. Always remember, teacher always want their students excel in the education. If you judge the teachers wrongly, the knowledge that he/she taught was not blessing. At the end, you will find it too difficult to learn from someone you didn't respect. So, always have a good thought towards your teacher and willing to accept whoever they are. But, in exception, you can discuss with the teacher that difficult to understand, and trust them. They will change, because people can change..

In our life, also do not too easy to believe in another person. Many crimes occurred when the person too trust in others, especially in different gender with special connection. Some people just want to make fun. So, we must have a good impression, but. mind your step and not too hasty falling in love. Like my friend told, "Husnuzzan (Good Thought to others) must be practice, but be careful with the people around. Don't too believe in them. But, believe that they only can harm us with the permission from god"

Do you have a good impression to others???


  1. Good post. Impression might be similar to judgement. I do judge, even if I don't want to.

  2. Sometimes...

    Usually I try my best to view everything on positive side first~

  3. I don't know what my first impression to people are mostly... No one ever tell me.. maybe fierce cause I realized no one ever dares to tell me hahaha :P.

  4. huhu... the point that I'm forgot to write is the good impression towards friends... How we can make a good friend if we doubt and not trust them??

    Cahaya> haha... Judge positive first... but, always remember, don't judge the book by it's cover...

    Zara> Haha, positive thinking is the part of EQ..

    Ladyviral> OMG... You're that fierce?? Oh... fainted~~~

  5. ok, i have a good impression about you,though my first time here. guess we can get along via cyberspace well.

    let us continue our cyberfriendship from hereon,,,

    take care now,and have a great weekend

  6. great post pal.

    good impression is very important for the first impression.

    i like the teacher part. last time, i was so scared of teacher not because plain afraid but respect. i was taught by parent that if i don't respect teacher, all the knowledge won't be stick in my mind no matter how hard or smart i study. so i always bear that in mind :)

    all the best zam :)

  7. Normally kalo 1st time jumpa tgk the way kawan to berckp and body language kiter dh ade 1st impression dh..usually mesti positive impression dl..heheeh

  8. Eugene> Thanks for the first impression... Thanks for visiting and living a precious comment...

    Faisal> Nothing at all, just forwarding what my previous teacher told me...

    Yup!! teacher is not the perfect person... but, accepting and respecting them can lead to success...

    All the best to you too...

    Wahidah> Hehe... itu lah... yang penting positive thinking....


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