Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Pandemic is Around + Family Day

OMG!!! The pandemic is reach the yellow stage. Melaka state hit the new record, 3 died in a day for H1N1 disease.. more than 100 people were affecting. For your information, 49 schools were suspended because of the diseases spread too fast. Some medical expertise believe that H1N1 spread faster with touch. When you touch the place with virus, and simply eat the food with dirty hand. the virus will enter your body and start to cause the pandemic symptom. Strong fever, cold and cough, and also the difficulty to breathe. The virus take 3 to 7 days to hibernate in human body. So, please follow the quarantine session.

H1N1 spread faster because Melaka now has the wet and hot weather, which is very suitable for virus to remains last longer in the air. Meanwhile, the Residential area is crowded. H1N1 patient must stay far from the others, at least 1 meter from another person. The formation of haze after rain yesterday also became the factor that affecting the rate of spreading.

So, precaution steps must be taken seriously. Please wash your hand thoroughly and if possible, wear a mask especially during the wet air. Don't take the pandemic lightly. Let's fight this disease.

This weekend (Friday to Sunday), my village will organize the Family day. Please come and enjoy our program. We have Adopt child program, RTM Raya casting event (Friday night), Forum Perdana Ehwal Islam (Saturday night) and Sport Festival (Sunday). See you around.


  1. i heard malacca holds the worse record for h1n1 in peninsular. i hope it will cure soon :)

    i just came back from Muar and i'm sick. saw the doc, and luckily i'm safe :)

  2. i hope it'll not spread to UTM~

    need to attend convo~

  3. Faisal> Melaka nearly become red zone... Biohazard Warzone... Hopefully, it doesn't affect the family day..

    Zara> Let's pray together....

    Zamz> Huhu, too dangerous....

  4. i heard melaka paling teruk di dunia berdasarkan komposisi penduduk & kes... eeiii..takutnya.... dugaan tuh! mcm kes JE lak tp worst!!!

  5. penyakit datang, semuanya dariNya.
    tanda ada sesuatu untuk kita.

    hati-hati. sudah dua tiga hari Melaka popular di balik berita H1N1.

    pakai topeng selalu ya. Topengnya mesti ada selitan besi pada bahagian hidung. Besi itu mempunyai tidak balas reaksi terhadap gas @ udara yang cuba mendatang ke hidung kita (semasa menyedut)

  6. Sufficient rest and drinks of water will boost our health up a little and strengthen our immune system to protect us from the virus. Go out with mask, and make sure not to take this lightly. :)

    OMX will do good.

  7. asrul> bahaya btul.. Hit the record.... The most worst in the world last two day ago...

    Kcy> huhu, moga doa solat hajat di hari Jumaat berjemaah dikabulkan... Amin... Always remember, pakai topeng yer...

    Ladyviral> huhu, takutnyer nama... yes, hopefully our body have sufficient immune system to protect the viral infection...

    But, the virus will infect the human body and become the partial of our defense system...

    Hopefully, this Influenza A virus doesn't make any extreme damage to our body... Every vital cases were caused by the patient respiratory problems itself and also bad body health (like cardiovascular problem and diabetes problem)...

    Hopefully, OMX will be the factor that defense our body... huhu...

  8. OMG, 3 people died in a day? thats a lot.

    well, hopefully we'll find a better way (other than quarantine) to stop the disease from spreading.

  9. Oh, so Melaka is a hotspot for H1N1? OK, no traveling to Melaka this year. Haha!

    Anyway, I still advise on frequently washing hands, don't touch nose and mouth, and build up immune system by eating healthy, get enough sleep and rest and taking supplements to prevent H1N1.

    I heard the masks are useless as the H1N1 virus can go through. Apparently all masks currently sold in pharmacies are useless against the virus.


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