Friday, July 22, 2011

Save the Energy... Better for environment, better for your economy...

Energy is the most important thing in our life... Energy is the essential for everything in this universe, create by God just for ourselves. Energy is the factor why The Universe exist, and also the earth and human beings. Energy that exist will never be destroyed but it can changes from one form to another. All energy on the earth come from The Sun, brightly gives us light and heat energy. Then, the energy radiates to The Earth, gives Earth heat and light. Heat energy will transformed into kinetic energy and potential energy that is important as stored energy, beneath the earth. Light energy will transformed into carbohydrates by the green plants, become chemical energy inside the food and flows in living things body. That is the summary on how energy flows to the earth and become useful to human race.

About millions years ago, many animals and plants died in a great disaster on the earth. the dead bodies were buried inside the earth's crust... For millions years, the heat and high pressure under the earth's crust make them transform into fossil fuels, which are petroleum, coal and natural gas....

FYI, all fossil fuels are non-renewable energy sources, which means they will perish if we use excessively. The depletion of fossil fuels were very fast. That situation make the prices of fossil fuels become very expensive but fossil fuels still the highest sources of energy consume by human. The electricity around the world use a lot of coal power generators, our cars still thirsty with petrol and also the natural gas. The prices of raw petroleum also increases rapidly. There are more than 2 billions cars on the earth surfaces. Many scientists said that the fossil fuels will diminish in only 10 to 30 years. Whoa!!! that's scary!!! What will happen to the outrages numbers of cars out there???

From now, please save the energy and avoid energy wastage. Every seconds we use electricity, a lot of green house gases release to the air. The coal power station release a lot of carbon dioxides and other dangerous gases... Every seconds we used our car, it emit a lot of smoke, green house gases and other gases...

I'm not against the development, but this is our responsibility to keep our environment clean and if we reduce the energy usage, we can conserve it and preserve it for our next generation. We also can use the alternative energy in order to reduce the probability of energy emptiness. I will write the new entry later on How to use Energy efficiently. Thanks for you kindness... and best regards.

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