Monday, May 24, 2010

Please Save our mother Earth!!! For future...

Nowaday, pollution is the main issue in the world... Many global issues are related to pollution... The production of acid rain, flash flood and even the global warming are the effect of pollution.

How pollution occured??? Back to yourself that throw a piece of rubbish on the ground or in the drainage.... If you do littering, you put a donation to destroy a world......

Please, stop littering!!!


  1. True. Banyak orang suka buang sampah merata2. Buat sakit hati je.

  2. tu ar... bila lar dorang nak blaja bersikap cam org jepun....

  3. If we are as strict as Singapore which fine litterbugs, then perhaps our streets would be cleaner.

  4. erm.... Its because the attitude and awareness of our community still low...

    Many campaigns were organized but, still didn't change the attitude of the people... haiz


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