Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Is there any problems to being friendly???

OH MY GOD!!! I'm doing again.... I've show my weakness.... Being friendly is my strong and also my weakness...

But, is there any problem with you if I'm being friendly???

Look like this happen this week, check this conversations...

Situation A, there is 1.55 pm (5 minutes to the end of school)...
Me: Hello, please enter your class, the bell is not ringing yet!!
Student A: Noisy lah you!!!

Situation B, the girl was collided with the brick
Me: F, please arrange back the block...
F: hahaha (stepped away)

Situation C, the lab asistant just wanna say hello to a group of students.
Lab Asistant: Hi, what are you doing here??
Students: EH!! Busybodylah!!!

Situation D, In my class
Me: I'd created a blog... Please come and visit my blog at anytime...
Student: Not interest....

*Do you have any problem with the friendly people like me?? If anything bad happen to you (like accident, crime or etc.), can me show some selfishness in me because you don' want to be friendly too???

Oh.. maybe, in your opinion, adults and teachers are the annoying people around you, and you're big enough to live without advise...

(Some people said that the high class people doesn't respect the low class people like me, or the cleaner, or the labourer because they are too proud and feel ashamed to listen to people like me... Even though, when you pass away, would you bring along your so-called high class status?? Think by yourself (Lu Pikirlah sendiri - Nabil Raja Lawak)


  1. Taraf manusia itu sama sahaja disisi Allah..Cuma yang membezakan seseorang manusia itu adalah amalannya dan keimanannya..Setiap manusia dijadikan dengan kelebihan yang berbeza yang membuatkan kita perlu saling hormat menghormati antara satu sama lain walau apa sahaja pekerjaan mereka..

  2. AD, ni lah yang dikatakan dekatnya kita ngan hari kiamat... bila orang dah tak bley nak hormatkan org len... apa yang tinggal?

  3. i know about the A situation...because i was there..yeah,its kindda miserable for students to do that to their teacher..just hang on..its gonna be cool after all..btw,i got C for my sciene!thats u said ok???just only 1 more mark then i can get B...its horrible!!!!

  4. Just relax.... Tomorrow you will get that precious one mark... After check again... (mark the paper too rigid, so all of you can remember, simple mistake will lead to the lose...)

  5. Why are you so sadist?


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