Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thanks God... Be a Grateful Person

Hi... Long time no entry hehe...

Nowadays, we always ask god WHY?? WHY??? WHY??

Why this matter happened to me?? Why I'm poor?? Why my life suck?? Why Why Why... Evey single why that we ask god show that we are ungrateful to every single faith that god give us... Every single WHY can create excuses and obstacles to life... Masya Allah.... In islam, every single word come out form our mouth consider as pray (doa)...

To be a successful person, we must change our way of thinking and action.... Forget about WHY but, always ask HOW?? HOW?? HOW???

How I can sell??? How I can get this car?? How my effort?? This can create a grateful person... and our instinct can be upgrade to choose the right path..

To be a successful man, we must doing this: 1) Read a book about success and motivate... 2) Meet with successful and rich people...

My suggestion, read this books:
1) The Secret
2) The Law of Attraction
3) Rich Dad, Poor Dad
4) Think and Grow Rich
5) Master Plan to Success...

And, if successful person living around U, find them and ask them to share with U, how they success in life.

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This man is the best conquerer that I'd ever known... He used THE SECRET to conquer other country... He is Tariq Ibn Ziyad...

The point is, to be a very successful person, you must be a very grateful person...

This is my humbly opinion... How bout U??

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