Monday, February 22, 2010

Deforestation of Wetland....

Its hard to believe when I went to the nearest wetland from my home. There is no more wetland there!!! No more mangroove trees, no more marsh!!... The blue fences covered all the area and the marsh was filled with new soil... The land reclamation occured on the marsh...
What will happen when the wetland forest is destroyed??
Wetland is the sanctuary of the fishes, cockles, prawns and other sea organisms. More than that, wetland is habitat to many animals like aligators, crocodiles, crane, birds, insects, monkeys, dogs and invertebrates. Its also the habitat of many plants and herbs...
Wetland is also the shield to protect the shore from strong typhoons and erosion... Therefore, mangroove trees are the most important part of the ecosystem, that produced a lot of oxygen and used a lot of carbon dioxide... Mangroove trees can live in the extreme salination soil.... Its can breathe through their roots.... Hence, mangroove trees are the unique and interesting plants in the world.
If the wetland areas were destroyed, the ecosystem became imbalance... The carbon dioxide consumption in the atmosphere will increase and caused the global warming... More than 100,000 species of flora and fauna will lost their natural habitats and will extinct due to the shortage of food supplied and also shelter... So, the conservation and preservation of the wetland areas are the most important thing to save the mother earth....

The wetland become the dryland....


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