Sunday, October 11, 2009

Must see... PapaDom (Malay Movie)

I can't believe this story always playing in my head at the first place...

Papadom is the family story, directed by Aflin Shauki (the most humor and big director)...

Papadom is the story about Saadom (Aflin Shauki)which has a stall to sell nasi kandar and papadom... He is the hardworking man but he failed to serve his wife, munirah (Norkhiriah) and his only daughter, Miasara (Liyana Jasmay), Munirah died in car accident and Saadom rises Miasara as a single father with a massive of care...

With the humorous way, the story recites about Saadom too care about his daughter and following her everywhere in school (in school??) or any activities.... Miasara got 20 As in SPM (20 As???) and continue study at UITM Shah Alam... Far from her homecountry, Penang.... Then, Saadom following her with applied a job as gardener at there...

The next episodes are more interesting with Mat (Que Haidar) or his nickname Wajib Tayang and Hisham Hashim (Farid Kamil)... I suggest this story to all while it still at the nearest Cinema... And, I'm sure you'll enjoy every scenes in this movie without any 'bored' one...


  1. Really no boring scenes? The last malay movie I saw at the cinema was Jangan Pandang Belakang ages ago! Haha!

  2. best ek cite ni...teringin nak tgk tapi takde masa plak

  3. Foongpc: Yup... garrantee satisfy..

    zamz: cariklah masa... takpun tunggu DVD release...

  4. nak tengok!!

    but currently been quarantined~


  5. teringin nak tengok, nanti nak cari masa :)

  6. Zara: Huhu, take your time lor... Don't spread your disease... and, don't put yourself in danger loh...

    Babypose: Carik masa kat mana?? Dalam laci?? atau bawah bantal?? LOL

  7. masuk blog sana sini
    dok citer pasal PAPADOM

    nak kena tgk gak nih


  8. Lepas budak2 kat rumah ni habis exam...nak pergi tengok jugalah!

    Tiba-tiba terliur papadom (bukan papa saadom ek!)

  9. huhu nak tgk tpi....apsal lipis nih xde wyg wuuuuu

  10. yanie: mari2... kita tengok......

    Putrarockers: kat mana yang buhsan tu??

    cklah: pergi.. jangan tak pergi... pernah ker makan papadom besar cam dalam citer ni??

    imHeppie: kesiannya... nanti saya bukakkan satu (kalau ada duit lar)

  11. I was watching a movie half way that day... about afdlin being a baker... i don't know the name.. but it was nice.. was watching it in McDs but my friend kept talking and talking I didn't get the whole show...

  12. I wanna watch this movie! Tapi xde geng plak.

  13. Ladyviral> huhu... pity2... you still can watch this a cinema...

    Cahaya> Jum... kamu belanja... haha


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